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now we'll go to stephanie miller. good night everybody. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] 12,347 welcome to this special addition of "talking liberally" i'm stephanie miller. i'm dressed as a blue state. i have my guests, jim chris and jacki. and she has the bigger breasts. we are all in gastrointestinal distress. polls are closing, and so we're going right from here to the kids table right up to the adult table up in the war room in san francisco to cenk uygur and michael michaelmichael shure to get
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the latest breaking news. happy election night. >> cenk: we're budsing over here. and virginia has closed. virginia has closed. [ cheering ] 12,347 elvis has left the building. it is close. >> if obama wins virginia, romney will be leaving the building. it will be very relevant. stephanie, here in the war room we have everybody at the top of the next hour, we'll have vice president al gore, governor spitzer, governor granholm, the first set of information in, i bring to you the epic political correspondent michael shure. he's at the wall. >> stephanie and gang up there i have to tell you that we have our first states called by abc. indiana and kentucky goes to governor romney and vermont goes to president obama. that's pretty much it.
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>> election over. good night everybody. >> of course, those were results suspected. nothing surprising there guys. one thing to watch and in a half hour we'll have north carolina closing, and i imagine virginia closed, it will take a while to get as a result from them. as north carolina closes if it takes a while to get information from north carolina, that would mean good thing out of virginia. these are things that you look at at this time of the night and it doesn't mean anything, but if north carolina isn't immediately called, that's good signs for the president. >> cenk: it's election night already. indiana for romney, and cnn is calling kentucky for romney. these are not at all surprising, but i love all calls. i plan to be shouting about them all night long. let me give you some interesting exit polls. again, i talked with governor
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spitzer about this just a while ago on current. these don't--don't take anything to heart. oh my good i saw an exit poll in hawai'i, and i think this thing is settled no. but it gives you an interesting idea of which way the voters are going overall. on the economy romney wins 51-47. what i get is that he's not leading by much. i think that's interesting. when you look at who they represent, 52% for cnn said romney represent the rich. only 36% said the middle class and i love this. only 2% said the poor. whereas president obama was 10% for the rich. 43% for the mill class and 31% for the poor. that's a breakdown macro-picture that i think will do a lot of good. >> the main question that will stick with me all night is who are those two percent? to think that mitt romney is for
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the poor? >> they're definitely not the poor. >> you brought one thing up, stephanie cutter earlier today said don't panic as you allude to all the exit polls and all of that. we did a lot of early voting, and the exit polls could be misleading if they lean more republican in some places. >> yes exit polls are never to be relied upon. we've been waiting all day virtually all year for something. exit polls in the wisconsin recall had scott walker down by one going for a his own recall, and of course he prevailed by seven. they are not to be relied upon. informationally they're interesting. 15% said that the president's suspended license to hurricane sandy mattered to them as reported by cbs news. that's interesting, but it doesn't mean that we know who is
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going to be president next or not. but these exit polls are first that we have so we go it them. >> cenk: and let's keep it real. there's no way that you don't get excited by the smallest piece of news. today we find out that the latinos are making up 10% of the electorate, whereas last time they made up 9% of the electorate. so you see why we're buzzing. >> i believe we have footage of voting at the lines. i believe we haved with and florida, correct, in miami? >> if that's miami that's my hometown. miami-dade county tend to be more democratic because it's the southern part of the state. that's where the polls are closing. >> cenk nothing more exciting to me than to watch people flocking in sports. >> cenk: there is one thing that can beat it.
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if they're staying in line, stationery for long hours at a time. >> the other thing about miami lines, these images are every year. they have to fix it, miami. >> you have to fix miami period. have you ever been to miami? it's one big line. guys pull over in the middle of the street. what are you doing? well, i had to go get a cup of coffee. what do you mean? >> cenk, we were saying today as inspiring it was to hear that people are standing in lines for six hours to vote in florida. it took me 45 seconds in los angeles, and i felt guilty. >> if you live in florida you might know how important it is. those people have it seared in their consciousness, as we all do, in florida your vote counts. even if you have to wait six hours. >> we talked about this early on today. we've all seen this pennsylvania
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voting machine flipping a vote from obama to romney repeatedly. what are you hearing on that. there are a lot of people nervous about shenanigans, shall we call them. >> that video does not breed of the confidence. it's like a simon game that they're playing. it could be an isolated incident. an our colleague david schuster tweeted that it's possible that philadelphia becomes this year's palm beach if we get it that in this election. that's days away if that is, in fact, going to happen. i don't see that as being necessarily more than one machine. but it does make you question-- >> we have a call. >> we have a call. >> we have a call. i am sorry to do this to you, i am wearing an ankle. they're calling from vermont for
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senator bernie sappedders. >> i lost a continue of money on that one. [ laughing ] >> by the way, let me say this. i like that stephanie did that, nicely done. >> thank you. >> cenk: so often we hear from democrats, here is a guy who is a socialist and never has any trouble winning at all. it's not like hey fox news calls him a socialist. he says, i'm a socialist. >> he calls him this. when he says it in that thick vermont accent, it has more impact. >> they make it easy to vote in vermont. our friend in vermont say they make the political process easy in vermont. maybe it's one of these things that we take a lesson, what you're getting back at earlier
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what is our process that people have to wait in line six or eight hours is about when you have it take game off of work that could be considered a poll tax. >> cenk: if there is one person who is a kenyan in the senate, it's definitely bernie sanders. he nailed it. that's where the accept is from. >> pennsylvania is troubleel. that's where the republican on camera said this voter i.d. law will allow mitt romney to win pennsylvania. hey, dummy, that's the part you don't say out loud. >> now we have the opportunity opportunity whether or not it's legal is another question, but to record that machine switching the vote.
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if we stint have cameras it would be anecdoteal and we will now. >> cenk, we'll be back to take the calls. they're closing in a half hour. thank youish guys, we're back in a bit. david shutser and schusser coming back tonight. (vo) answer in a moment.
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>> stephanie: happy election night. welcome back to this special edition of "talking liberally: the stephanie miller show"." jim, don't panic. whatever stephanie says, don't panic. >> i listen to everything she says. >> of course you do. did you say something. >> stephanie: i can make anything sound pervy. that's amazing. let's go to david shuster in chicago. hey david. >> nice to be here. >> stephanie: nice to have you. we're all tense. i use the phrase optimistic
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today. how are things in the obama camp. >> i think there is a bounce for the obama camp officials. they seem to like the numbers they have seen so far. they've seen turnout in virginia and new hampshire that is higher than 2008. so that would be very good news for the obama campaign. but we mentioned some of the problems and michael referred to some of the problems in philadelphia. here to talk us through some of that is melanie, a spokesperson for the democratic national committee. i under that the dnc filed a lawsuit in philadelphia and then with grew it. what's going on. >> we're encouraged by their decision to print additional paper ballots and remember them to 200 polling places in phil fillphiladelphia. we were prepared to take action there. we withdrew the action. we didn't have to do it. our goal is to make sure that every who shows up and wants to vote is able to do so. it looks like that is going to
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happen. >> a lot of problems in philadelphia because of the chaos, confusion people told you must have an i.d. or you're turned away from the polls when in fact, they didn't have to have that. have you heard other areas. >> we have volunteers on the ground in many of these states where the laws may have changed or they were in the process of being changed and courts stepped in to make sure that voters know their rights, and know what they need in order to vote so that they're not challenged or intimidated at the polls or they're running out of ballots or not able to vote for some reason. we know about it, and we can take action where needed. we've been monitoring the situation. so far where there have been challenges we've been able to respond. i think things are generally going pretty well around the country from what we can tell. i just want to say though, there is a--i've heard--stevie i heard her say there is a general optimism. we don't people to get too
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excited. we want people to stay in line in virginia, stay in line and vote. we need you. don't listen to people say that we're up in virginia. we want people to vote all the way until the polls close. this is going to be a tight race, and we want everyone to vote. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> an entire army here in chicago monitoring all these various problems making sure that we know about them, and coordinating with the state officials. >> stephanie: i get her message. she wants us to stay at our current level of nervousness and gastrointestinal distress. we're all over it. for a reporter like you you say you're watching, and there is a bounce in their step. do you ever corner them and say what is that bounce about virginia? are they liking what they're seeing right now. >> there are exit polls at
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conservative sites. it's better to be up than down. i always say that exit polls can be wrong as michael shure pointed out. but president bush played basketball. it's this ritual that he always dosalwaysdose. he invited a few group together. and it's the same group who played together during the primary in 2008. they're calm. they're following their rituals and something that a lot of obama people are talking about. the speech last night in des moines, eye watch that's where it all started for president obama in 2008 with that surprise victory over hillary clinton in the 2008 primary. president obama carried iowa over john mccain by ten points. he went back to des moines and said thank you to a lot of folks
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who have been working on his campaign for several years. >> obama: i want to take this opportunity to say one thing to all the young people, and not so young people who have given so much to this campaign over the years. those of you who haven't done this just for me but for each other. for a laid-off family member, for a sick child, a fallen friend. for all of you when live and breathe the hard work of change, i want to thank you. >> stephanie: now you're making me cry david. thanks a lot. >> even the photo of president obama taken by the photographer of the "new york times" welled up. everybody is talking about sleep, but i think it's fair to say that there is a lightness and they're feeling optimistic on what they are he seeing, based on the "get out the vote" operation. >> stephanie: that's a day-long basketball game, let's hope that
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he ends the day like usual sweatgy, victorious and not sweet smelling. happy election night. we go now to former congress dennis can you cucinich. hello, dennis. >> i'm still in congress until january 2nd. >> stephanie: i'm sorry. i didn't mean to rush you. here's your hat. what's your hurry. >> it appears that the votes here may be approaching what the turnout was in 2008. when president obama had 258,000 vote margin. at 6:00 they are reported votes i think what we have it watch for tonight is this. not only what the turnout factors are but also will the
4:20 pm
margin the difference between president obama and mitt romney romney's numbers will there be provisional ballots ballots set aside in ohio if people have questions about a voter about their qualification. will those provisional ballots exceed the margin between romney and obama. if they do, it will kick out the numbers until november 17th. >> stephanie: the republican secretary of state there there has just been a lot of concerns with things that he has been diagnose correct? >> well, he has come up with a process by where if someone votes a provisional ballot, which they have to provide some information, but if they vote a provisional ballot, they also have to fill out a form. in the form there is certain information. if that's not right, then that
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can be thrown out and the provisional ballot will not be counted if the it's thrown out. there will be legal fights. i will guarantee you. and i think that ohio, if president obama does not runaway with it tonight in ohio, those provisional ballots will be to the 2012 what the hanging chads were to the 2000 election. >> stephanie: congressman, i can tell you that our listeners and viewers get so concerned. it seems that the obama administration has won court case after court case about these voteer suppression techniques, and they keep trying something new. >> let me tell what you happens. the provisional ballots ballots that they're not sure of whether they're voting at the right place, they're not sure if they're registered. the ballots are put aside. they're counted ten days later if they're greater in number than the margin between the
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president and governor romney. what happens is those are counted by the local board of elections in 88 counties. since there is an equal number, if there is a tie, guess who breaks the tie the secretary of state. unless president obama runs away with it in ohio and has a healthy victory, we're looking at a possibility of an election that could drag on until at least november 17th once ohio is able to go through the provision provisional ballots. >> stephanie: this election just has not been long enough for me. [ laughing ] >> well, welcome to ohio. >> george w. bush's. >> stephanie: congressman kucinich if they were so confident, it seems to me that the ad he was running in ohio that even chrysler and gm have had to call them out on, people of ohio are not that stupid to think that mitt romney was for
4:23 pm
the auto rescue? >> look, all this mass media advertising creates a lot of confusion. there were neighborhood in the greater cleveland area where door-to-door leaflets dropped where there is lee iaccoca backing mitt romney. there is a lot of confusion and that's what the tying ends being when you go down the home stretch. >> stephanie: these sinclair stations that won the swift voting of john kerry but running it as if it's a new pace piece, and it was a partisan attack against the president. >> well look, the stakes could not be bigger. the election could not be closer. all of these things are intended to try to move the needal a fraction one way or another.
4:24 pm
that's why people are supporting president obama would have it get out the vote. the polls have not closed in ohio. they're open for another ten minutes. it's so important that people go out and vote, and if they're voting for mitt romney the same thing. you me, the importance of voting in this state and particularly here where i'm in right now it's is important. this county could really make the difference in the election and we're aware of that. >> stephanie: congressman, you're a vet of so many campaigns. what does everything tell you of your instincts. what about the president in ohio. >> i'm glad he's playing basketball, he may have to win a jump ball. >> stephanie: what is the latest polling you know of in ohio? >> well, i have seen predictions that are across the board. i mean, you have larry sabato
4:25 pm
predicting president obama. other news agencies are predicting a toss-up. fox news is predicting governor romney. ohio is a toss up. even though the president took ohio by a good margin last time, i think it will be a lot tighter this time. i think what you're seeing is from what i'm seeing, the republicans are a little better motivate, and their turnout factors may be a little bit higher. it will all? continue it fractions. in ohio the results could be determined less than one percent of the votes. >> fox news predicting that that loan will steal the election from president obama. i will though that up out. we thank you for joining usen such an important state race.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: welcome back to
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this very special election night to the edition of "talking liberally: the stephanie miller show." this is the ping-pong session of the show. i don't know why they're moving us around, but if we have polls closing in ohio, west virginia, let's go to the war room with kemp and john fugelsang. what's the latest. >> cenk: stephanie, i have a call. i have a call. >> stephanie: damn you. >> cenk: abc is calling west virginia for--mitt romney. [ groaning ] >> stephanie: shocking. >> cenk: i hope no one misheard that as virginia, it's west virginia. we have early exit polls. >> 52% of mississippi g.o.p. thinks the president is a muslim. the same 52% thinks he's a foreign muslim. and the same 52% believe he's a
4:30 pm
foreign muslim who spent 10 years in ref of reverend wright's christian church. and they believe that. >> stephanie: what percent percentage of those people know what counter intuitive means. >> they don't. we believe this is a year of mouth breeders who vote against their own self interest. >> stephanie: and ohio and north carolina also closing. >> stephanie, an aim he not out of congress. >> stephanie: i was given the wrong show prep on my ping-pong table. >> that's fine. ohio closing momentarily, maybe even as we speak. the secretary of ohio will be giving a press conference. he's a man under fire. so i see that that's going to be happening very shortly here. one of the other things it note
4:31 pm
is that the state of indiana which we're following, it's already been called. it's worth noting that obama won that state. it's the first state he won in 2008 that he's not going to win in 2012. not a disaster. nobody expected him to win it, but one of those indicators that you're not excited about seeing. >> stephanie: cenk, obviously you heard the last segment. we were saying that congressman kucinich scared us all. i don't know about you. but at this point polls are all over the place. we also are hearing these stories about provisional ballots and other things that are troubling right? >> cenk: well, one of the fun things about election night is that it keeps going up and down. your emotions do. all the stories the voter turnout is going great yes! oh no, it's republicans no! and it will go up and down, up and down. to me there are a lot of things that are unreliable.
4:32 pm
exit polls voter turn out. you don't know who they're turning out for etc. i'm not shah that worried. he had a solid lead going in, it would be a statistical enormous fluke if he were to lose this. i've been steady for weeks. >> stephanie: what you described isis menopause. welcome to my world. jacki, these media storylines drive me crazy. so far what we're hear something not that. >> they need something to drive ratings. they need a con. that's what it is, and that's why they're putting it out there. i don't think it's as bad as they report it to be. >> the polls are all over the place. i don't remember in past elections where the polls have been so diametrically opposed to one another day in and day out. maybe they were and i didn't pay
4:33 pm
close attention, but it seems that there is no gold standard. >> stephanie: john fugelsang maybe you would like to throw in a wildly hypothetical question that they do on the other networks. >> they say that's something you can do, stephanie. >> stephanie: well the president doesn't get as much as the black vote, them will we--what? >> keep in mind governor romney is polling at zero percent of the black vote in america which doesn't concern him because he doesn't plan on any blacks being able to vote today. i do think that the silver lining should be unthinkable happening, governor romney wins the presidency tonight. we can look forward to all of his base hating him by the time of fiscal cliff recessions are over and watching rupert murdoch defending him for the next four
4:34 pm
years. >> stephanie: they've been all over that. there is the same footage of one guy. >> and he's 75 with arthritis. >> what kucinich was saying is smart to say. if you're in line, you're allowed to vote. it's not like anything elsewhere if you're in line, they close the doctor. >> stephanie: don't you hate that. >> but in virginia too they're saying lines are very long right now. this is the optimistic michael speaking but those are places that are democratic strongholds in virginia. if i were in virginia i would be saying the romney machine is really strong here. stay in line. >> stephanie: bill clinton says when people vote, democrats tend to win. does the turnout give you as
4:35 pm
much hope? >> sure, and it depends on state by state. not only where the parties are stronger but where their grassroots and ground game is stronger as well. over all that's why the republicans have been trying to limit the vote, whether it's the photo i.d. laws or, etc. because they want less people to vote. >> stephanie: just one thing. niner, you haven't able to call anything else. we'll talk about some of the legal ins and outs that we could be facing as we continue on this special edition of "talking liberally." to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at
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>> stephanie: welcome back to this special election night. jim, why are you holding papers? are you trying to look important? >> yes. >> stephanie: what are you doing. >> this just in.
4:39 pm
>> stephanie: people in line in washington, d.c. and miami. the republicans the secretary of state in ohio about ready to give a press conference. i don't know if you saw the people there but there are people waiting in line and people having an argument. one of those split couples. you know how that goes. let's check in with the codirector of the voting rights project because we've talked about there is a lot of since since 2000 getting ready for any eventualliality. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> stephanie: you heard us talking the whole show. there is a lot of concern. it seems this year there is a creative you know, voteer suppression tactics that i'm not sure that i've seen. what are your main concerns today? >> my main concerns are voters who are not able to vote because they were asked for i.d. that they didn't have to show.
4:40 pm
there are voters whose absentee ballots are reject because they claim the signatures don't match. there are voters who were registered but didn't show up on the rolls and had to vote provisional ballots. how those provisional ballots will be counted remains to be seen. >> stephanie: that is something that may end up being litigated by you guys and others, correct? >> yes, it remains to be seen. it's very important for us to that all eligible voters can vote, and that vote will count. over the past two years politicians have been passing laws to prevent that from happening. so we are paying very close attention to this, and we're going to make sure that those votes. >> stephanie: marcia we've heard a lot about poll watchers, we've heard where voters are asked for i.d. in states where that's not the law. are there not enough poll
4:41 pm
watchers to stop that kind of thing? >> you know, the poll watchers are there. we got lots of reports into our vote hotline today, and we've been actively calling election officials to make sure that they let their poll workers know what the right laws are and they doesn't turn voters away unnecessarily. >> stephanie: tweeting today in african-american voting precinct in milwaukee there are 300 people in line and only one voting machine. >> that's the-- >> stephanie: that's something we've heard about before. how does that happen? how is it legal? how does that happen? i voted today in a fairly nice neighborhood. there were a zillion voting machines. it took me 45 seconds. this is not an accident, is it? >> it's incredible. it comes up election after election. after the 2004 election in ohio, the committee actually filed a lawsuit in the state to make
4:42 pm
sure that there is equal distribution of resources in the state, and continuously we find this issue where it seems that you know frequently in african-american precincts the resources aren't there and there are terribly long lines. but voters are motivated and they're going it stay in line and they're going to vote. >> stephanie: that's the reaction that we've gotten from our callers and viewers. there's nothing like taking people's vote away that motivates them even more. you hear about these people in many states who are in lines for hours. i think it offends our basic sense of america. people have died for that right to vote, and the various tactics that they're using to take it away. >> exactly. you even saw during in early voting when they were out of options they stayed in lines eight hours in some cases so they would be able to vote.
4:43 pm
this is one time that their voices are equal to those with the money. they've been seeing a lot of ads, and hearing a lot from others. now they get a chance to have their choice expressed, and they're going to stay in line to do that. >> stephanie: if you have any problem, it's 1-866-our-vote. >> it's live. it's being answered as we speak by our volunteers, and we follow up with election officials to resolve the problems that are called in to the hotline. >> stephanie: thank you for this fine work and taking time for us on this very important day. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> stephanie: all right. when we come back, sexy liberal hal sparks, i've heard of him. right here at this ping-pong table at the very special edition of "talking liberally."
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>> stephanie: welcome back to this very special election night edition of talking liberally. "the stephanie miller show." [ laughter ] apparently i -- hal sparks joins us. >> hi. >> stephanie: i'm still dressed as blue state. he's dressed partially as a red state. >> on the flag, they have the color red. by goodness. quite frankly -- during the reagan rush across the country they used blue for republicans. >> black, i think you're austria. [ laughter ] >> representing mitt romney's money. eastern european nation. >> stephanie: how are you feeling today my happy clappy friend? >> i feel really good. it was occurring to me earlier you're going to get this notion things are trickling for romney early. but if you look at it, this plays in the problem with husted in ohio. >> stephanie: who is giving a
4:48 pm
press conference to explain his b.s. -- >> how he's going to go down in history among the great obstructionists in the world for voter rights but here's the thing. early voting, you know, happening in these predominantly white areas where they've got plenty of machines, short lines all of that stuff their votes are getting in right now. longer lines in these areas actually and the bigger turnout will be a lap later. you might have to wait a little longer for the obama votes to start coming in. because of that very thing because they've got 19 voters and 25 machines in a white district and then in -- >> stephanie: stephanie cutter told us earlier today don't panic. we have a lot of early voting in. we've all seen jim ward panic when he can't get internet connection for porn in the morning. >> i don't do that. >> stephanie: he panics. >> soft porn. he does have a camera over his shoulder. >> stephanie: obviously a lot of the polling showing voters
4:49 pm
moving toward obama toward the end whether it is his response to hurricane sandy or the good economic numbers but remember that -- the debate. remember jeremy's question. let's take a look at this in the town hall. >> all i hear from professors and neighbors and others is that when i graduate, i will have little chance to get employment. what can you say to reassure me but more importantly my parents that i'll be able to sufficiently support myself after i graduate? >> oh, bless his heart. >> would you call my mom at home and tell her to get off my case? testing games for a living is a real career. >> that was one of the -- >> stephanie: his mom is in his ear. i'm talking to the -- >> stand up straight. can you call her and get her off my back? >> stephanie: jeremy is voting for barack obama. >> four out of five. he said that the deciding factor was romney's performance in the third debate. >> you mean the sweat? >> stephanie: the president opened kind of a large jar of whoop ass.
4:50 pm
maybe a tub. >> by the way i'm still i will maintain to this day i'm in the camp that obama won that first debate. and again -- not a sporting event. this is about facts and running a country and being able to -- direct an entire group of people and motivate people and now -- truth matters. ultimately, i don't care if you came away with a feeling he won we have the ability to look back and go this guy is going to be leading me the next four years it turns out he lied. that's reason enough for him to have lost that debate. people can argue up and down it was an emotional choice. i have to give the voters a lot more credit intellectually. they may have been shocked by that energy. >> stephanie: it was like a line ninja. >> i really truly believe he didn't expect to have to answer that rhetoric. >> it may have been his only true failure in that debate. romney has shown he is a duel
4:51 pm
candidate. he's a corporate closer. doesn't know anything about the deal. he comes in as a last minute. he schmoozes the people. you want me to save your company? keep it here in this country. that's what i'm going to do. after the deal closes, we'll chop it up and sell it overseas. if you don't care, i'll tell you that too. the important thing is sealing the deal. >> stephanie: the third debate, he was looking like willie lowman, not really closing the deal. this just in -- excuse me, i have an important anchor jacket on and people in my ear. i hear a report that it is so close in virginia, there are so many people in line that the results will be delayed in virginia. >> okay. that's actually good for the president. because you're looking at a turnout issue in that state particularly. we're at 49%-49% in virginia. if you're in line in virginia, stay in line! >> stephanie: don't forget that. if you're in line by the time the polls close, you have a right to vote. >> if you stepped out five minutes before, i would say go
4:52 pm
get back in line and tell them you had to throw up. >> stephanie: by the way -- >> intestinal distress. >> stephanie: here's the best sign. a little bellwether from virginia. my sister lives in lynchburg jerry falwell's former town. she voted for obama. it is just a little bellwether. >> lynchburg near whitesville. we drove through there. very reassuring. >> stephanie: it's called what now? >> they're renaming it. >> stephanie: maybe i can gps around that. sexy liberal hal sparks, thank you for joining us on this -- what we hope will be a happy clappy election night. >> either way, stay in line! vote, vote! stay there! it matters. every vote matters! down ticket. judgeships. focus on your ballot. >> stephanie: we're back with some closing thoughts and some horrifying mitt romney video next on this debate night edition of talking liberally "the stephanie miller show."
4:53 pm
presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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